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Imports and Exports with Shopify
Imports and Exports with Shopify
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Shopify orders sync directly into Streamlined as draft invoices. All the line items, payment terms, modifications (such as discounts), notes, and customer details will be imported. Orders will sync into the platform and can be customized, edited, and tracked using our unique features. When an invoice has been paid or voided via Streamlined, it will also be marked in Shopify and vice versa.

However, when a draft invoice is edited in Streamlined, there are certain changes that cannot be exported into Shopify. For example, any changes made to the line items, discounts, shipping tax, and the total balance will not be reflected in Shopify.

We recommend that any order edits be made in Shopify first. Then, use the Sync Shopify icon at the top of the draft invoice to reflect those changes.

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