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Import Shopify companies as customer groups
Import Shopify companies as customer groups

Shopify companies will be synced into your account as customer groups.

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Shopify companies can now be imported into Streamlined as customer groups. Just as an order syncs into the platform, Shopify companies will be transformed into Streamlined customer groups. Any customers that do not already exist in Streamlined will be created in the process.

Within a Shopify company, customers can be assigned a location with set billing and shipping addresses and net terms. These exact company details will sync to a customer’s profile in Streamlined and reflect on their invoices.

Visit the Customers page in Streamlined to view or edit your customer groups.

Important notes:

  • This feature only applies to Shopify Plus users.

  • The sync only pulls in changes from a Shopify company. Any changes made in Streamlined will not be reflected in Shopify.

  • A company will not sync if there are no customers listed. Similar to Streamlined, there must be at least one customer in the group.

  • If a customer already belongs to a group in Streamlined, they will not be reassigned to a new one. You can manually remove or add customers. A customer can only belong to one group at a time.

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