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What if my customers pay through
What if my customers pay through
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For customers that continue to pay through, follow this setup to help reroute the payments into Streamlined in order to close an invoice. There are a couple of steps to be taken on both platforms.

In Streamlined:

  1. Create a customer called ""

  2. Go to the newly created customer's Details > Payment Methods section. Under Bank Transfer, click on "Assign account" and you'll see a routing number and account number appear. Copy those details.

  3. Create a customer group called " Customers" and add to it. Also, include the customers that typically pay via


  1. Add a new bank account. Paste in the account and routing details from Step 2 above.

  2. Make this bank account the default for receiving payments.

Now, all payments from will be routed via Streamlined and can be matched to invoices belonging to customers within the group.

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